Monday, September 29, 2014

Wholefoods on a Budget - 2lb Lunch for $7

After a Saturday Crossfit class, I walked into Wholefoods and realized - I only had $7 in pocket - no debit card, no visa. In most cases, I would've just got a protein bar and walked out BUT I was starving and knew I had no food at home.

So I turned it into a little challenge to get the most (by volume) 'healthy/paleo' food to make for lunch. It also had to be simple because I didn't want to spend too much time cooking when I got home.

After looking around, I picked up three items:

-1lb organic purple sweet potato (about 1 small one) - Price $2.49/lb
-1lb organic + local green beans - Price $2.99/lb
-1 (150g) chicken sausage - Price $6.99/lb

The total came to $6.93, and I walked out of the store with more than 2lb's of food. At home, I baked the yam, sautéed the green beans and fired up the sausage for a cheap, healthy, and filing Wholefoods lunch.

Thanks of reading!


PS - To my Mom who thinks I waste all my money at contraire.

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