Monday, April 28, 2014

La Jolla Half Marathon

Back in January, a friend/mentor/cool guy that I know asked me if I wanted to join him for the La Jolla Half MarathonIt was January, so naturally, I had a very optimistic view of how the year would come together. By April, I would be some zenned out superhuman and part-gazel, so, of course I said yes. 

When race day finally arrived, I was part-dazed, mostly confused why I signed up for a race with four massive hills, totaling an elevation gain of almost 1000 feet. Not to mention, I had just spent the previous two weekends partying at Coachella and subsequently racing down the mountains of Whistler. #humblebrag I was kind of exhausted.

But alas, I strapped on my old pair of running shoes, and made my way onto the course with my buddy (who was probably the most color coordinated guy on the track, props Kevin). It was a perfect southern california day, and La Jolla lived up to its reputation, serving huge hills against the most magnificent backdrop. 

This was my 6th half marathon, and not since my very first one 3 years ago, have I experienced both an amazing 'runners high' and the desire to cry during a race.  Here are some highlights: 

-our accommodations in La Jolla, stay here

-my running buddy Kevin, he's a total inspiration and finished 106/5891. Follow him
-mile 6, and the instant 400 foot elevation gain, where I was walking faster than people running #uglycry
-every vista. La Jolla is beautiful (see below)
-seeing the finish line #uglycryparttwo
-finishing in the top 10% 

-eating 20 chicken mcnuggets to myself when it was over

Here are some pics from the event and race day. 

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