Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Goodbye September !

On September 1st, I was waking up in Reno after Burning Man. Since then, so much has happened. I had some amazing visitors from home (Devon, Joel, Andrew, Jonathon, Fraher), did my first Triathlon, got back into Crossfit, saw so many great live shows (Chvrches, Tovelo, Empire of the Sun to name a few) and I even celebrated a four year anniversary. As with every previous Fall in my life though, it marks a period of enormous change and I certainly see a lot of great (most likely also challenging and unexpected) changes ahead. 

Sarah at Runyon Canyon in late September

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wholefoods on a Budget - 2lb Lunch for $7

After a Saturday Crossfit class, I walked into Wholefoods and realized - I only had $7 in pocket - no debit card, no visa. In most cases, I would've just got a protein bar and walked out BUT I was starving and knew I had no food at home.

So I turned it into a little challenge to get the most (by volume) 'healthy/paleo' food to make for lunch. It also had to be simple because I didn't want to spend too much time cooking when I got home.

After looking around, I picked up three items:

-1lb organic purple sweet potato (about 1 small one) - Price $2.49/lb
-1lb organic + local green beans - Price $2.99/lb
-1 (150g) chicken sausage - Price $6.99/lb

The total came to $6.93, and I walked out of the store with more than 2lb's of food. At home, I baked the yam, sautéed the green beans and fired up the sausage for a cheap, healthy, and filing Wholefoods lunch.

Thanks of reading!


PS - To my Mom who thinks I waste all my money at Wholefoods...au contraire.